Sunday, July 26, 2015

More Words for the Weak

Much the same as what happens to the old, the young, and the weak, the mentally unstable and the handicapped are abused in the current system.  Some people may say that people in prison get what they deserve.  However, what benefit is there to have the predators in the system victimize someone simply because they are older, more frail, or ill?  Isn’t it actually some kind of reward to abusers who have been removed from society to allow them to continue to abuse once inside the prison?  What lesson does that teach?
It’s time we as a society take a look at the rampant victimization that happens inside our prison system.  The Prison Rape Elimination Act, a federal law that mandates protection within prisons from sexual assaults or harassment, gets a lot of talk inside the prison, but in reality not much is done to change what happens.  Young men are still bartered as commodities for sex.  Inside the prison, it’s common knowledge that there is a system of “daddies” (the owners of young men) and the “babies” (the young men who are used for sex).  Two-man cells are a main venue for exploitation.  Nothing is done within the department to eliminate the problem.  Trainings are given to employees, but nothing changes behaviors or the physical surroundings that are grossly evident. 

The old and the physically infirm are preyed upon.  The simple act of aging puts one in danger of being violated and victimized in a number of different ways.  The strong and the wicked prey upon the elderly and the weak in a never ending cycle of trauma.  Not much is done to safeguard the rights and humanity of those who fall into the prey category through illness or the simple forward movement of time.

The weak have no voice, and this was our chance to say something on their behalf.  No one said that prison had to be pleasant, but no one should be victimized because they are old, young, weak, ill, or handicapped.  Only with public awareness and outcry will change happen. The system has no incentive to change unless people complain.



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